Public Safety

Trusted by innumerous police forces throughout the world, our specialist TETRA communication solution provides highly secure voice and data encrypted communications, crystal clear coverage over 99% of Bermuda, and the ability to have instantaneous communication with other emergency services and civil protection agencies.


Swift and reliable communication makes for faster response times and a more efficient service. See how our image application helps public saftey.

  • Mobile gateways 'go with you' to incidents, providing coverage even in dead spots.

  • Unique noise suppression gives crystal-clear audio and allows clear and uninterrupted communication - even over the sound of sirens.

  • Concurrent voice and data communications allow real-time information sharing with colleagues, the control room and other emergency services.

  • Apps give instant, secure access to multiple databases, combining concurrent query results in a single, concise response.

  • Rugged handsets are tough enough to withstand the direct impact of smoke, heat, water or dust.

  • The Man-Down feature, in combination with precise GPS location, permits swift despatch of backup to officers in distress.

Some wording taken from the Sepura website.

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