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For many companies the reason to choose a radio, as opposed to a mobile phone, comes down to safety. The ability to talk at the press of a button to an individual or multiple employees can be critical for some. The reason people look to Sepura radios when considering safety is down to the breadth and diversity of extra features that can be customized to fit a company’s specific needs, or those of individual users. Details of specific ATEX radios can be found in the handset and pricing sections, here are features that are available for all.

Lone Worker

Lone Worker periodically checks the user's status, calling for help if the user becomes incapacitated. Ideal for health workers, maintenance staff or other employees working in isolation, it can be configured to send an emergency call or GPS co-ordinates if an emergency situation is detected. This function can be turned on by the user or manager depending on the duties being conducted.


An active, smart personnel monitoring system, Man-Down checks for abnormal lack of motion and raises an emergency call or sends an emergency message if the user becomes incapacitated. Automatically adjusting to user movement, Man-Down offers customization motion and tilt monitoring, raising a local alarm in addition to over-the-air alerting, and can be configured to send an emergency call or GPS co-ordinates.


The next level in worker protection designed for the prison service but utilized by corporations working in large areas (Airports, stadiums, expansive factories). STProtect tracks workers via RFID tags, beacons and GPS and a fully-featured control room application. Users can import their own floor plans, move beacons at will and integrate the system with their emergency procedures.

Status-triggered functions

Status-triggered functions allow remote control of a radio through unique status codes, which can activate one of 60 functions. Triggering is permitted from authenticated sources only and can be used to remotely control vehicle-based radios or to set operating parameters on temporary staff radios, limiting training time without compromising safety. These functions could allow for radios to be turned off, provide ambient listening, report GPS location, alarm or whatever is required by the pre-defined SOP’s in place for emergency situations.

Emergency Button.

Of course all radios are fitted with an emergency button that, once pressed, can call for help, turn the microphone live so a user could shout for assistance, send ID and GPS co-ordinates to all or selected users or automatically call 911 or another pre-defined number of your choice.


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