Electronic Communications Ltd (ECL) has been trading since 1979 and providing a TETRA Network to Bermuda for nearly a decade.

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Over this time the ECL team has strengthened and improved the Network to allow 99% Island coverage and 99% reliability.


Highly acclaimed Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) has been deployed in over100 countries, in all 7 continents and is used in the biggest integrated network in Europe.

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In fact the majority of Europes emergency services rely on TETRA as their main communications method.


Understanding our home, it's people, environment and geography is critical to successful communications and customer service.

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Despite their vast experience around the world, it is our knowledge of Bermuda that allows us to provide first class service.


Quality & Reliability

Due to our advanced remote management capabilities, we can monitor the network continuously to ensure unrivaled resilience and reliability, even in the most extreme weather conditions.


IP68 compliance means our latest handsets are almost indestructible, despite our customers best efforts, which is why we can offer a 3-year Warranty, at no charge.

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Gas, Water, Electricity and Transport are vital components of Bermuda's well-being. That's why ECL is set-up to handle the unique communication needs of the utilities companies in which we all rely.

Public Safety

TETRA and the ECL Network were designed specifically for the emergency services. Encryption, range and response functions are all tailored to meet your demands.

Commercial sector

Whatever industry you're in, if you have a need to communicate and a mobile phone won't do the job, a TETRA handset will, even if you work with oil or gas where cell phones are not allowed.


Handheld Radios

The most astounding thing is the price

ECL provides a service to the Island of Bermuda and as such, we have made sure we are not just competitive but priced responsibly.







Future Demands

With handsets that use the proven TETRA standard as well as having an LTE upgrade capability, ECL places itself firmly in a position to adapt and evolve to our customers needs.


Already capable of secure multi-point voice, emergency response, text, email, multi-media, database query, dispatch and GPS tracking, why wait for the future?


At Your Service

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Tell us a little about your enquiry so we can understand your needs.
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BermyTraq is the localized version of Mantissa Operations FleetTrAq product.  It is a revolutionary web-based fleet management system which can use a variety of maps and link to other sources such as Google Earth.


With GPS technology embedded within the handsets or into your fleet of vehicles, asset tracking and work management is now possible in real time.

GPS Tracking and Dispatch

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